Data center
FAST TECHNOLOGY’s durable and integrated solutions, designed to build a facility equipped to house data center, that meet the needs of high-demand computing and data storage. An infrastructure that can be relied on to perform in all circumstances. 
Power and Backup Systems
UPS & Power Distribution.
Generator & ATS
Data Center Battery Systems
Housing Structures
Raised Flooring .
Biometrics Door Access
Control Systems
Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Leak Detection Equipment .
Fire Protection System
Data Center Fire Suppression Systems
Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
FM200 & Other Dry-Type Suppression Systems
Restricted Access/Surveillance Systems
CCTV & IP-Camera Systems
Biometrics Door Access Control Systems
Environment Control and Monitoring Systems
GSM Module
Humidity & Temperature sensor
Water Sensor
Air Flow Sensor
Voltage Sensor
Motion Sensor
Smoke Sensor

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