Hardware Solution

FAST TECHNOLOGY’s IT Infrastructure Solutions include a suite of robust and business-friendly design, development, deployment and installation services that deliver value to your business. IT Infrastructure components include hardware, software, networking components, an operating system (OS), and data storage, all of which are used to deliver IT services and solutions.

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Hardware Solution

We assist you with everything from planning, design and deployment of your IT infrastructure to everyday maintenance and operations. Our solutions and services enable you to focus on your core business instead of having to handle the day-to-day technology operations and management issues.How We Can Help?

We have an extensive pool of IT infrastructure specialists who can help you build, run, upgrade, troubleshoot and manage your IT Infrastructure.

Our solution offer includes:

1. Supply of Software and hardware
2. Installation of Software and hardware
3. Software and hardware upgrade services
4. Maintenance and replacement services
5. Problem diagnosing and resolving services
6. troubleshooting
7. Service Contracting
8. Consulting


Servers are the brains of your IT infrastructure. Simply, it’s a powerful computer that is used to serve requests for information and shared resources (e.g. Printers, internet, application software, storage etc.) to employees, customers, and other computers, but what if you don’t have an IT background, you may wonder what exactly a server is and why it’s so important.FAST TECHNOLOGY can help through assessment and guidance while offering an extensive portfolio of server hardware and software that combine, reliability, scalability and responsiveness that deliver value and efficiency to your business.

We Offer Servers:

1. By Type – Blade Servers, Rack Servers, Tower Servers
2. By Brand – Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Cisco, Intel
3. By Application – Application Server, FTP Server, Client Server, Mail Server, Virtual Server, Web Server, Database Server

Our approach encompasses assessment, optimization and installation that is reliable, resilient and responsive to your network server needs.

Cpu Hardware

Looking for new computer hardware and accessories? Need more computing power? or encountering compatibility issues within your existing computer hardware. Free yourself from woes of PC hardware troubles with FAST TECHNOLOGY’s range of products and solutions. We can assist you in finding best options to all your day to day CPU hardware needs..

Free yourself from woes of PC hardware troubles with FAST TECHNOLOGY’s range of products and solutions. We can assist you in finding best options to all your day to day CPU hardware needs.

We offer a comprehensive and quality product range backed up with our assessment and guidance assistance that optimally fulfills all your CPU hardware requirements, this include:

1. PC Casing and Chassis (Desktop & Tower)
2. Mother boards
3. Processors
4. RAM
5. Secondary Storage Media (USB Flash Drive)
6. Hard Drives
7. Input/output Devices
8. CPU Fan and Coolers
9. Sound Cards, Speakers, Headsets and Microphones
10. Graphics Cards
11. CPU Power Supplies
12. Web Cam
13. PC Cables
14. Wireless and Wi-Fi connectors


Laptops offer the flexibility of staying connected with computing whenever and wherever you are. At FAST TECHNOLOGY, we help you get best computing on the go, by offering a range of high-quality Laptops and accessories from renowned companies. Our range of products and services ensures your hassle-free computing needs anywhere anytime.

We offer a wide range of Laptops and accessories in Karachi:

1. By Brand (Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Asus, MSI)
2. By Performance (Intel Celeron, Core I3 to I7 up to latest generation, AMD Ryzen3 to Ryzen9 and mac processors)
3. By Application (Graphics Application, Office Application, Gaming)
4. By Display Size (13” to 17”)
5. By Operating System (Windows, macOS)
6. By Warranty (Local and International)
7. Laptop RAM expansion
8. Laptop Batteries
9. Laptop Accessories