Electrical UPS Power

FAST TECHNOLOGY’s IT Infrastructure Solutions include a suite of robust and business-friendly design, development, deployment and installation services that deliver value to your business. IT Infrastructure components include hardware, software, networking components, an operating system (OS), and data storage, all of which are used to deliver IT services and solutions.
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UPS Installation

You trade peace of mind by letting experts do the work for you. Our experts will help you in analyzing and assessing your power backup requirements and accordingly size, design, supply and install UPS at your premises, for smooth, safe and long-life uninterrupted power supplies.  

Electrical Power Connectivity

Electrical wiring can be complicated and at the same time risky endeavor. So, let experienced and expert people do the job. With a pool of professional experts, we at FAST TECHNOLOGY ensure safe and robust electrical wiring for all your low voltage (120V to 480V) projects, whether you are looking for new installations, revamp existing wiring or going for an upgrade, we will be there to help you in connectivity for: 

Design Electrical Panel and Distribution Box

Our Electric panel design services entails detailed evaluation of your specifications to ensure you receive a solution with the necessary level of functionality, safety and reliability. Our design solutions involve detailing for:

General Power Distribution Panel
Light Distribution Panel
Electrical Panel for Machinery and Equipment
Building Power Distribution Panel FAST TECHNOLOGY can assist and provide supervision support for electrical panel fabrication, installation and wiring works on site or premises.

General Work

If you are in search for reliable general electric work, FAST TECHNOLOGY can help. We have the resources and people to fulfill your day to day general work requirements for:

Inspection of electrical components for faults and troubleshooting>br? Repair or replace wiring, equipment and fixtures in buildings
Modify, add or remove electrical power circuits
Add selector or switching provisions for parallel power supply
Add or Install new fixtures in buildings and fields
Develop wiring diagrams for record and maintenance by electric circuit tracing