CCTV And Fire
prevention Solution

Keeping you and your assets safe is our top priority. With over 21 years of experience in security surveillance, fire prevention, fire protection and alarm systems, our portfolio of products and services consist of latest products and solutions, designed, with assurance to safety and asset protection, effectively and in time. 

CCTV And Fire Prevention Solution

Cctv Security Cameras

Our experienced technicians are well versed in providing complete CCTV system and IP camera installation, configuration and servicing. We provide tailored solutions to your residential, commercial and site surveillance needs. This includes a single camera to multi-camera surveillance. Our solutions include supply, installation, upgrade and consultations for your security and monitoring needs, for:

1. Analog CCTV System for simplicity and low budgeted solution
2. Digital CCTV/IP CCTV System for high resolution, intelligent and less
component count solution
3. Wireless Camera and CCTV System for location independent and remote viewing solution
4. Biometrics and Access Control Systems

Alarm System

The most important step to protecting lives and property from fires or hazardous gas leakages is setting up a high-quality alarm panel and alarm system. After installation, it’s important to keep the system well-maintained and make sure it’s working fine. Generally, there are two types of alarm systems, Automatic alarm systems, that are activated through detectors, such as smoke or heat and fire sensors. Manual fire alarms are activated with manual call points or pull stations.

FAST TECHNOLOGY solutions cater for all your alarm needs, including interconnecting your existing sensors to new alarms systems, alarm panel design and installation, developing drawing for your onward maintenance and upgrade needs with backup support and maintenance contract services you can rely on.

Our Alarm solution include supply, installation and configuration of:

1. Fire Alarm Panels, commonly used as the primary interface with the alarm and detection systems.
2. Audible alarms, i.e. Sounders and Bells that are heard throughout the intended area above any normal background noise.
3. Visual Alarm (Beacons), usually used in noisy environments where workers may be using ear protection.
4. Interfaces, usually referred to as relays, interfaces control equipment that may be connected to your alarm system.

Fire & Safety Solution

We need to prevent fire before it becomes a disaster. A quality fire and safety system aren’t just a matter for peace of mind, it’s a legal requirement of businesses to protect their people, property and assets. FAST TECHNOLOGY provides proven solution to help you meet your safety and legal fire code requirements. Our fire consultants can conduct fire risk assessments on your sites, with in-depth pre-installation surveys and discussions to ensure each environment gets a fire safety system that’s fit for purpose.

We provide tailored solution that is designed and integrated to your specific needs in the area of:

Fire prevention

There is a difference between fire protection and fire prevention. Fire protection uses tools and processes to maintain safety and reduce hazards associated with fires, while Fire prevention involves steps that can prevent a fire from occurring.

FAST TECHNOLOGY provides term bound service contract solution for periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of systems to ensure they are operating fine and they are effective during a fire. With periodic inspection for mechanical deficiencies, valve actuation, water flow, pressure maintenance, sprinkler clearances, detector malfunction identification and replacement etc.

Fire Protection and Detection

We help protect people and facilities. Provided that fire safety is a fundamental mandate for every enterprise, premises, buildings and production houses, reliable and proven technology tools are necessary for detection and protection.

Whether you’re exploring a retrofit, upgrade, or planning new installation, our experts can help. We assist contractors, engineers, workers, business owners and safety officials with system design, installation, service and oversight. We focus on providing the most cost-effective solutions. Regardless of your project size, we’ll help you in providing timely, accurate and proven solutions for your needs.

Our services include:

1. Site Visits and Planning
2. Consultation
3. Design and engineering
4. Installation
5. Service and maintenance
6. System updates

Our product supplies include:

1. Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems (wet, dry, deluge, antifreeze, and fire pumps)
2. Special Hazards Fire Suppression Systems (foam, low- and high-pressure CO2, as well as clean agent systems)
3. Fire alarm detection system (control panel, flame detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors)
4. Mass notification (notification appliances, pull stations/call box points)
5. Fire extinguisher, fire hydrants, and backflows
6. Fire alarm systems
7. Integrated security and access control, to prevent un-authorize changes in the systems

How you will benefit from our solutions?

1. Keeps You Compliant
2. Backup Support and Services Ensures System Readiness and Uptime
3. Saves You Time and Money with Comprehensive One Window Solution
4. Reduced Workload with Automation

We are experts in fire detection and protection and have professionals with many years of experience. Let us help you find the best way to prevent fires in your premises.

Fire suppression and extinguishing

Different environments demand different kinds of fire suppression systems. FAST TECHNOLOGY recognizes the need for appropriate fire suppression systems to these environments to remain protected in the event of an emergency, that is why we offer a variety of fire suppression systems beyond sprinkler systems.

A fire suppression system, unlike a fire sprinkler system, uses gaseous, chemical, or foam fire suppression agents to suppress the fire, rather than water.

Not sure what type of suppression system best suits your needs, FAST TECHNOLOGY can help, our experts are qualified to inspect, recharge, and even upgrade your existing fire suppression system to ensure your assets, and employees are protected in the event of a fire. Our solutions include:

1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) suppression – a gaseous agent that works effectively and immediately, however it can be dangerous to humans, works best for unmanned facilities.
2. Dry Chemical Suppression – quickly extinguishes fires by combustible/flammable liquids. Good for flammable liquid storage areas.
3. Wet Chemical Suppression – utilizes liquid substances and prevents re-ignition. Works well for manned spaces like offices and homes.
4. Clean Agent Fire Suppression – leaves no residue, making it ideal for sensitive applications like computer or server rooms, archives, libraries, etc.

Our range of fire extinguisher services including:

1. Fire extinguisher sales
2. Fire extinguisher
inspection & service 3. Fire extinguisher recharge
4. Fire extinguisher replacement

Contact FAST TECHNOLOGY for all your fire extinguisher needs, our expert will help you fulfill your safety needs!

Sprinkler System

We are experienced in the design, supply, installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and repair of fire water sprinkler systems for buildings and commercial projects.

Our range of fire sprinkler services including:

1. Fire water sprinkler (Wet pipe, Dry Pipe, and Pre-Action) systems sales
2. Fire water sprinkler inspection & service
3. Fire water sprinkler preventive maintenance
4. Fire water sprinkler deficiency repairs and replacements

Have questions? let us know how we can help you; our representative will respond to your queries of water sprinkler systems.