Network Solution

FAST TECHNOLOGY with a team of skilled and experienced personnel, takes the role of designing, implementing, servicing, and managing complex IT networks.

Network Infrastructure

An organization’s network infrastructure is an essential part of its functionality; it supports and enables everything else it does by linking the people, the computing resources, and the information resources within it. It is therefore imperative that your Network Infrastructure Support is built with speed and reliability-allowing your team to be efficient and productive in servicing clients and collaborating with one another.

We at FAST TECHNOLOGY, provide one of most trusted solutions for all your media connectivity and IT infrastructure needs, whether it’s laying network connections, installing network security, restricting unauthorized network access, establishing communications or enabling end users to share IT infrastructure resources, we are there to provide best in class services.

Fiber Optic Solution

Fiber Optic network design and planning, Fiber Optic installation, Fiber Optic testing and commissioning is a full-cycle service that FAST TECHNOLOGY provides on a turn-key basis, with all people, knowledge, experience, and technology required for success to our clients.

Our fiber optic network services include designing, building and installing fiber optic networks to homes, enterprise facilities, network nodes (small cell and oDAS), and cell sites using GPON, EPON, NG-PON2, Active Ethernet, and RF over glass (RFoG) technologies. All survey, design, and execution work are performed by FAST TECHNOLOGY’s pool of professionals across Karachi and Pakistan.

Among the services we provide are fiber optic network design, FO installation, routing, upgrading, terminations, splicing, testing, and troubleshooting.

Fiber Optic Network Design And Deployment

Developing and implementing complex fiber optic networks is a multi-faceted process that requires experts from several disciplines who can work together. Our FTTx team combines the experience of GIS experts, CAD operators, licensed professional engineers and technicians who can provide high-level fiber optic network design and deployment.

Our team possess diverse experience background of public utilities and broadband providers. Additional network implementation services are provided by an execution team experienced in fiber optic installation and deployment.

The project team is overseen by project managers who ensures a seamless workflow throughout the entire process. By leveraging leading edge technology,

FAST TECHNOLOGY designs, plans and builds fiber optic networks faster, reduces errors and produces higher quality connectivity. Our network design utilizes advanced GIS and automated design and planning tools.

Testing And Certification (reporting)

Testing fiber optic cable is essential to ensure the overall integrity and long-term performance of a network. Simple, reliable and field-proven test procedures have long been established globally for certifying that a fiber optic cable is correctly installed. Appropriate testing maximizes system longevity,

minimizes downtime and maintenance, while facilitates upgrades and reconfigurations. Documenting test results quantifies system quality, identifies potential cable and component faults, and establishes accountability when several vendors are involved.

FAST TECHNOLOGY’s services ensure testing and reporting by certified engineers with documented results for record and accountability. However, we also conduct fiber optic tests and act as 3rd party validators on behalf of customers for newly laid or exiting fiber optic networks for their integrity and performance issues.

Splicing And Termination Work

Fiber optic connectivity is becoming a staple of network infrastructure. However, there is no single ideal termination solution for every type of application. The varying nature of applications require taking an objective approach while selecting connection method.

Generally, there are two methods of connecting fiber optic cables, first one using FO connectors and adapters, while the second uses splicing.

Usually fiber optic connectors are used for temporary terminations (Like terminating to devices) while splicing connections are used for permanent connectivity purposes (like joining two fiber optic cables at field).

FAST TECHNOLOGY possesses the tools and expertise for both Fiber Optic connection and terminations, providing you with optimal solution that ensure cost and time saving while minimizing your optical losses.

Copper-based (utp, Stp & Ftp) Network Solution

FAST TECHNOLOGY offers services for various networking media, including conventional copper-based UTP, STP, and FTP network connection solutions, as well as next-generation structured copper cabling solutions using shielded twisted-pair cable, patch cords, and jacks. They also provide cable route mapping and implementation services, which are essential for expanding networks, troubleshooting bottlenecks, and improving performance. FAST TECHNOLOGY provides both physical and logical network maps, which provide easy-to-understand diagrams of network connections. The physical map shows the actual components of the network, while the logical map shows the network topology and data flow between physical objects. FAST TECHNOLOGY’s route mapping and implementation aim to provide satisfactory network performance and deeper understanding of the network environment.

Structured Cabling Systems

When it comes to structured cabling, FAST TECHNOLOGY provides you with all your structured cabling and wiring needs. FAST TECHNOLOGY excels in the design and installation of high-performance, reliable, end-to-end structured cabling systems. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of copper and fiber cabling solutions in the industry.

No matter the size of your business, effective cable management is a definite requirement for every business in the digital age.

Our top-notch cable management services are superior as we offer:

1. Standardized laying patterns
2. Space-Saving Design
3. Time-saving Installations and Terminations
4. Flexible Cable Management
5. Reduced Wire Congestion

Structured cabling gives your organization the infrastructure that powers better business results. Let our technicians design and install structured cable for your office, warehouse, out building or remote location that helps improve your network speed and performance, employee productivity and customer service. Contact FAST TECHNOLOGY to help with your data center, cabling, wiring and network equipment.

Wireless Network Solution

We provide customized solutions to support business needs today and tomorrow. FAST TECHNOLOGY has extensive experience in wireless network designing and its implementation.

We believe in providing assistance from concept to operation. Our Solutions are backed by performance assurance and long-term customer service relationships.

Our services include:

1. Wireless LAN Indoor Access points installation
2. Highly secure enterprise WLAN system installation
3. Point-to Point solution
4. Point-to-Multipoint Solution

Switching & Routing Solution

Both switches and routing solutions are fundamental to business network. By collaborating with FAST TECHNOLOGY experts, you are rest assured that your routing and switching solutions will deliver a consistent and best quality network experience for connected users.

Our solutions include supply of data switching and routing devices, installation and configuration of switches and routers that suit your specific needs.